Friday, 20 April 2012

Writing a Synopsis?

I've written a book, I know how to write, I've got two books totaling 800 pages under my belt, so I know exactly how to write a synopsis to send to an editor or literary agent don't I?,

It's harder to write than a book because it has to be concise and yet explain the whole plot, the theme, the characters and the emotional conflicts and resolutions. Piece of cake.
I set about writing a synopsis for my second novel and thought that I would check around the twitterverse and see how 'the professionals' do it. I came across several articles but I was impressed by the advice by Rebecca Laffar-Smith on her blog The Craft of Writing Fiction.
I feel much happier now about the task and in a way looking forward to telling the story again, not in 100,000 words, but more like 3,000 words. Rebecca compares it to writing a short story, albeit a little more compressed and detailed.
I'm looking forward to rummaging around in her other posts which cover just about every aspect of writing, representation and publishing. 
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  1. Great post GS,now following Rebecca too :)

  2. Thanks! :-) I'm glad the advice was useful to you.